How do I pair AUVIO MOTION+ to my Bluetooth device?

1. Remove the earbuds from the charging case. Wait for a few seconds, and

    the earbuds will enter pairing mode automatically. LED flashes white and

    red alternatively.


2. Turn on Bluetooth function on your device to begin searching for AUVIO



3. Select AUVIO MOTION+ from the list of devices to pair. LED on the earbuds

    flash white every 4 seconds when pairing is successful.


Do I have to pair AUVIO MOTION+ every time I want to use it?

No, AUVO MOTION+ has a smart pairing system. If you already paired your

device to AUVIO MOTION+ before, you simply need to remove the earbuds

from the charging case, wait a few seconds and they will automatically pair.


Can the two earpieces work separately?

Each earpiece of the pair can work individually as a standalone headset, with

all the features and functions.

How good is the wireless connectivity?

AUVIO MOTIONis tested to play music smoothly at over 15 meters (45 feet)

range. We have done pocket tests to simulate different use cases.

How often do I need to charge the charging case?

Fully charged AUVIO MOTION+ provides 8 hours play time on a single charge.

The charging case will give it another 5 times of charge, that is another 40

hours of play time. With intense use (6-8 hours per day), you only need to

charge the case twice a week.

Can AUVIO MOTION+ work with my laptop?

Yes, it is compatible with most laptops with Bluetooth. Check your laptop

settings if Bluetooth is supported.

What’s the splash proof rating for AUVIO MOTION+?

AUVIO MOTION+ is designed and tested according to IPX5 standard. By using

a water-repellent sealing design and Nano-coating technology, there is double

sweat and splash proof protection to the earbuds and it’s internal electronic

components. These earbuds aren’t afraid of sweat or the rain!

Can I hear calls through both earpieces? Can I use one earpiece only while the other continue to charge?

AUVIO MOTION+ is one of the few that can support stereo call. When you

answer a phone call, you can hear from both earbuds. Single earbud can be

used separately too.

What is AUVIO MOTION+’s advantage over other earphones in terms of sound?

AUVIO MOTION+ uses graphene diagram audio drivers. They are designed to

deliver balanced, deep, low bass with clarity in the mids and the highs. Also,

AUVIO MOTION+ comes with an app that allows you to personalize your

equalizer through your phone.

What warranty does AUVIO MOTION+ have?

We provide a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. You can contact our

distributors in your country/region or contact our support team directly.

The 90 days starts counting from the day you receive our product.

Where do you ship?

We will ship AUVIO Motion+ worldwide, except for Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon,

Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and

Yemen. Please be aware that you will be responsible for duties, fees and taxes

applicable to your region.

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