Factory & Testing Equipment

September 27, 2018 No comments exist

We are very excited to share with you the OEM factory that we are partnering with to produce AUVIO MOTION+.  Factory conditions are very clean and organized with a wide array of testing and manufacturing equipment.

Sharing here, just a few of the equipment that we are using to ensure MOTION+ delivers according to specifications.

Graphene Speaker Drivers Test is done on each and everyone of the graphene drivers to check that they meet specifications before assembly into the unit.

100% Bluetooth Test by #8852 Bluetooth tester to check each earbud to ensure Bluetooth transmit and receive performance

Extreme Temperature Test Chamber puts MOTION+ under extremely high and low temperature and humidity conditions. Functional tests are done after to check reliability.

Lithium Battery Reliability Test charges and discharges the battery in many cycles testing their lifecycle performance, capacity retention, etc.

Semi-automatic production improves manufacturing accuracy and efficiency.

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